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Fortran and Sound

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    i want to produce a sound, for example a simple beep, with fortran. Can anyone help me please?

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    Have you tried something like this, it works on my computer:

    Code (Text):
          print *, char(7)
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    Unfortunately it doesn't work on my computer. Any other ideas?

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    I would verify the loudspeaker before going further.
    Sometimes it may be defective, turned off, volume too low, or the CPU is too far to be heard.
    If you are using Windows, there are utilities to test it. On my computer, I do not even have external speakers, just the one integrated in the computer case. Either way, I would check it first. If you are using unix or linux, you can try "echo ctrl-g". On Windows, you can try the utility from "Sound" in control-panel, or on a DOS-screen, type in "type ctrl-g". Note that ctrl-g is the key-combination, not the individual letters.
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