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Fortran code(Do-Loops) for the region

  1. Jun 19, 2008 #1

    We assume
    Max hBy(y) = α1 for y ε (a1, a2) and Min hBy(y) = α2 for y ε (a1, a2)
    Where -∞ < α2 ≤ α1 < ∞, and the complex phase speed must lie in the region defined by

    (CR + α1 )^2 + CI^2 ≤ µγ^2/k^2, if CR <- α1

    CI^2 ≤ µγ^2/k^2, if -α1≤ CR ≤-α2,

    (CR + α2 )^2 + CI^2 ≤ µγ^2/k^2, if CR >- α2

    Where CI ≥ 0 and γ^2= max [hBy(y) h0y(y)] >0, h0y(y)= -8(y-a)/L^2
    The region represents a rectangle of length α1 - α2 with a quarter circle on each end, with the height of the rectangle and the radius of the circles given by µ^(1/2)γ/k.

    Could you please help me write the Fortran Do-Loops for this region?

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