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Fortran FFT library

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    I am new to Fortran. Is there an ultimate best library for FFT for Fortran (95)?

    I found this one FFTPACK. I am not sure if this is the best one. Is there anywhere a simple example how to use it?

    I have huge time files (260 MB each) that I like to read in Fortran and perform FFT and store the results in HDF5 format. I almost do the same thing with C++ using FFTW, but I it is a bit slow. There is a wrapper for FFTW for Fortran, but I wondered if a pure Fortran routine will be faster?


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    Check out 'Numerical Recipes in Fortran' the 2nd edition is available free from www.nr.com
    Chapter 12 covers about all the FFT algorithms you will need. Note the copyright statement in the preface specifically permits you to use their source !

    Pure fortran will be much faster


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    that is what I need.
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