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dear members,
normally i compile fortran programs using g77 (i forgot or it may be f77) in opensuse linux...but in now i dont know why i cant use it..
but using gfortran i can compile..
I have 3 programs..2 compiled using gfortran successfully..the 3rd one i get some errors
'Syntax error in write statement at (1)'
But the codes were already error free..i think the problem should be the compiler..
Can any one help me how to use f77 and g77 compilers...(i also want to know complete fortran compilers???)
I use SUselinux, the latest version..if i type f77 i get message as no command found???
so how to install where to install?
Also i am adviced to use pgf77 for compiling..but where to get it and install it in my linux????

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