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FORTRAN Graphical Interface

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    Hi guys, I am fairly competent at programming scientific FORTRAN programs (from the CFD world). A friend of mine asked me to help him develop a program which he says will help him in his profession greatly. The backend calculations are incredibly easy. However, what I need to do is this:

    1) Load or link to an image
    2) Display image in window
    3) Click points on image
    4) Send point coordinates to subroutine
    5) Draw lines between points
    6) Display results in windows, hell even a simple output file would probably suffice

    Anyways, what I have no idea how to do is the graphical stuff. Can anyone direct me to some references on what I might be able to use for this. I don't need to manipulate the image, only basically draw points on top of it.

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    I don't know anyone that's ever bothered to make Fortran look pretty with a GUI in Fortran. Have you thought about doing mixed language? It's pretty easy to do a GUI and images with Java. I haven't done mixed language with Java (though I've done C++ and Fortran) but I have made a GUI in it and it didn't take too long to learn how to do it.

    Via a quick google: http://www.math.ucla.edu/~anderson/JAVAclass/JavaInterface/JavaInterface.html
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    It's not necessarily about making a GUI...well I guess it is. The problem is that he needs to be able to pull up a picture, and then draw lines on it. It doesn't have to be pretty, I really just need to be able to insert a picture into a window, then insert points and havelines drawn between them.

    I will take a look at Java, but ideally I'd like to not have to learn another new language. Does anyone have any experience with something like PGPLOT, or PLPLOT?
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