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Fortran in Linux

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    I used to do schoolwork in Fortran (Compaq Windows version).
    Couple weeks ago I decided to say "good-bye" to Windows and installed Mandriva Linux.

    But now I'm quiet confused how program work in work. I see that nolonger I don't have beautiful white window to write program text or..?
    Does anyone who explain to me how Fortran work in Linux. Which free or not-free Fortran program does exist? Where I write the program text and so on...I feel very miserable

    Best wishes,
    Marden in Estonia
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    I personally use VI editor (which supports syntax highlighting) and g95, which is a free, open-source compiler. You might also need Make, which is a utility which can help build the executable.
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    If you want a cool looking free IDE to work on your code might want to try SunStudio, Anjuta, Geany, KDevelop for example. And most text editing tools in Linux have code highlighting properties.
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    This is my advice. If you were doing HPC stuff, there are better compilers but for classwork this is your best bet. Free and effective.
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