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Fortran newbie help

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    Hi I need a fortran compiler and mostly, I need help installing those binaries or folders and files. I am a newbie and do not know how to install one of those compilers. If anyone has a better suggestion for a compiler that is free please help
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    g95 done by andy vaught is a decent free one for all platforms. Note that it is very strict on the language standard, so be sure to stick to it (on the upside, code that it compiles will pretty much always compile anywhere else).
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    I agree as I don't know which OS you are using but as far as free that I have had experience with.

    Windows:->In windows these should be very easy to install.
    gfortran->note does not work on all windows os (check the FAQ.)
    Salford Personal Edition->Installer installs a lot of goodies, nice ide, etc, but you have a pause before any executable runs as Salford lets you know you are using the free version.

    For mac osx:
    Intel->Demo, hard to link mkl and mp, but works excellent after everything is configured well.

    Linux:->except intel, these shoudl be extremely easy to install.
    Intel->there is a demo, and if you really scourge the site (it seems to get moved) there is a long term free.
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