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[fortran] open many files

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    Hello oeveryone

    i've got many txt files each with a different name, such as


    i've got another txt in which i've got the list of the name
    of the files

    i want to allocate in a vector of characters che name of the files
    and use this to open all files with a do cycle, like

    do i=1,n

    open (10+i, file='file(i)',status='old')

    end do

    but doing so the code doesn't work, the file is not found
    (even though i successfully allocated filenames into the vector file(i))

    can you tell me where is the mistake?

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    This tries to open a file named, literally, 'file(i)' (including the parentheses and the letter 'i'). Try instead:

    Code (Text):
    open (10+i, file=file(i),status='old')
    without the quotes, which uses the character string that is stored in file(i).

    (I assume you have declared 'file' as something like

    Code (Text):

    character*10 file(20)
    which is an array of 20 character strings, each with length 10.)
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    it works!
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