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Fortran power station 4.0 problem

  1. Jul 28, 2007 #1
    i just doing a project about monte carlo simulation about the antiferromagnet particles system.My lecturer told ud to write a source code for a random number generator from 1-25 with the random number pick up cannot be repeated, i still very struggle...Anyone can help me solve the problem...the following is the source code that i write,"handicape" source code...thank you very much...

    PROGRAM stastistics_mechanics
    !Purpose:To calculate the Hamiltonian energy,partiton function,
    ! magnetization and heat capacity.
    !Records of revisions.
    ! Date Programmer Change of Description
    ! ==== ========== =====================
    ! 27/07/2007 KOHPINWAI Original Code


    !Declare the parameters and dimension that are used in this program.
    REAL,PARAMETER::J_ij=-2.0000 !The particle interaction constant for
    ! antiferromagnetic particles.
    INTEGER,PARAMETER::max_size=25 !The rank 1 array size.

    !Declare the variables that are used in this program.
    REAL,DIMENSION(max_size)::value !The first rank array
    REAL::S_1 !First particles spin
    REAL::S_2 !Second particles spin
    REAL::E_r !Energy spin of particles
    INTEGER::i !The loop index

    DO j=1,1
    DO i=1,25
    IF(i>6) THEN
    END IF
    END DO
    END DO


    Actually is like need to form 1-25 number and in this number randomly pick up five but each of the number that you pick cannot be repeated...write a fortran program for this...any one can help me,i just figure almost six hour perday still can work...help me...thank you very much...
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