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Fortran read in flags?

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    Hi All,

    Just like to know if it's possible for a Fortran program to read in data on execution.

    For example, in JAVA, say if I've written a program for matrix factorization, I can type in the command line:
    "java mfact q" for QR factorization or "java mfact c" for Cholesky decomposition, where mfact is my compiled JAVA program.

    When I run my Fortran program in command line-interface, the best I can do is run the program, then have the program to ask me for a flag, like:

    Code (Text):

      PRINT *, 'Please input the type of factorization you require:'
      READ *, factype
    So I'd have to run the program, then it asks me what I want to do. But I'd like to supply the argument as I'm executing the program. Is this possible in Fortran?


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    Ah, thanks!!

    This is what I needed.
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    You can do (just about) anything in Fortran that you need to do. Fortran was used to:

    1. Write an operating system (Prime mini's had an OS written mainly in Fortran)
    2. Write a 80386 DOS extender (DBOS)
    3. Write a Fortran compiler
    4. Write a LISP compiler (really)
    5. Write a terminal emulator
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