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FORTRAN viewers that let you see the dependencies of a given module (or type)?

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    I'm using PowerGREP to find all the dependencies, but it's not an interface that's idealized for this

    (also I use Windows 7 - but feel free to mention anything that works on Linux too)

    E.g., see below. I'd like to see every .F90 file where the type with the "day" label is used

    Code (Text):
    ! $Id: ESMF_DateMod.F,v 2002/04/24 03:25:46 erik Exp $
    module ESMF_DateMod
    ! !MODULE: ESMF_DateMod
    ! !USES:
    use ESMF_TODMod
    use ESMF_CalendarMod
    use ESMF_TimeMod
    type ESMF_Date
    type(ESMF_Calendar) calendar
    integer(8) year
    integer(8) month
    integer(8) day
    type(ESMF_TOD) tod
    integer(8) julianDay
    integer(8) dayOfYear
    end type ESMF_Date

    As a secondary question - do they also exist in C?
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