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Fortran90 compiler for Linux

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    Hi folks,

    I'm using Mandriva 2008 for some time and I now have to compile a program using fortran compiler. I've installed gcc f95 compiler and Intel FC but the compiling gives error when I use

    ifort myfile.f
    g95 myfile.f

    In the manual of the program that I'll compile with fortran compiler, it is written as

    f90 myfile.f

    I think it calles a compiler using f90. Which fortran compiler is it and how can I install it?


    PS. I'm using fortran the first time:)
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    The gnu fortran compiler is g95 (http://www.g95.org/)
    The book is probably just written assumign that you are using any fortran 90 compiler.

    What is the error you are getting - is it a fortran error or an isntall problem with the compiler?
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