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Forum Coding

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    What would I do if I have a forum and I'd like to add a little shop feature, that when you post, you get money, and there'd be different things you could buy, such as ranks, posts, and more?
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    It depends on several things:

    1. What forum software do you have?
    2. Are you hosting it or via a Forum provider?
    3. Do you have FTP access or access to the core PHP files?
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    ...InvisionFree forums. >_>
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    That forum provider does not give FTP access or access to the HTML Templates. The only way you can customize your forum is via the board wrappers, often only using JavaScript, which might not be the easiest thing for most people.

    Neither of those features you want is possible with IF forums. If you want more power over your forum you could always try another forum provider like http://forumer.com . I have had experience with them and I think that they are good and suite most needs when it comes to modifications, skins and graphics etc.

    Good luck with your forum :)
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