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Forum Games- Stories With Holes

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    This is an outside the box/critical thinking game. I was introduced to this in a logic class. The idea is that I state a short story, and the participants have to "fill in the blanks" by asking yes or no questions. Note that the literal answers to yes or no questions can be very misleading. If a question doesn't have a clean yes or no answer, I'll say NA (for not applicable).

    If you are familiar with any of these, please do not play the game.

    I'll start with a fairly simple one, and see if anybody is interested.

    Story: The man was afraid to go home, because the man in the mask was there.
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    Was the man afraid of the man in the mask?
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    (This means the question can not be cleanly answered by a yes or no. However, a more specific question might yield a yes/no answer.)
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    Was he afraid of something that the man in the mask might do?
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