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Forum Haiku

  1. Feb 19, 2004 #1
    Since I'm taking Poets' Physics...

    Regarding the Homework Forum:

    Who's online right now?
    Oh no, the calculus fiend.
    I will wait to post.

    Their names mean something...
    "Integral," "chroot," "delta,"
    Mysterious terms.

    You just see my words.
    To you, just simple problems.
    Far away I cry.

    A sudden insight:
    Maybe more work, less crying
    Would be in order.

    Such easy problems!
    Marcus yawns as he answers.
    I am now humbled.

    I want more coffee
    But I sink back on the couch
    Is this "inertia?"

    Homework abandoned
    I push open the screen door.

    My Horrible Physical Science Course:

    Physics professor
    Angry he's not at CalTech
    Enjoys my hurt look.

    Pretending to work
    Alone at the lab table
    I wish I weren't weird

    The stacked young lady
    Who got a 12 on the test
    Remains teacher's pet

    I see the air track:
    Such hoping for the pink car!
    No, not for our class.

    Haughty professor
    I think I know your secret
    You are so lonely

    With precision
    Symbols weave a perfect web
    Ink instead of silk.

    My shy fantasy:
    Strange fever leaves me changed.
    Now I am smart, too.

    Tower of Pisa:
    I drop my professor's head.

    ha ha it's more fun than studying
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  3. Feb 19, 2004 #2
    Nice, holly, I enjoyed those.
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