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Forum lagg?

  1. Aug 29, 2005 #1
    Anyone else getting this? I've been trying to post in some threads but the connectivity for me is slow or non-existant. If it's not just me is there any idea when the proplems will be rectified?
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    The same thing is happening to me. I just wait a few minutes and try again and then it works, but later it stops working.
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    It is getting worse, every thing works ok except pf, it is either time out
    or can not be found, may be a pm to to Greg?
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    Greg replied to wolram's post in feedback on this. He's working on it (he probably can't ignore it if he wanted to if it really sends him an email every time someone gets that error message). It's a database server problem.
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    Seems fine to me.
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