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    I have found a forum that may be of interest to jet engine enthusiasts
    is it permitted to provide link?
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    Greg Himself has provided links to competing forums in his posts IIRC.
    It is a sign (one imagines) of a noble-spirited magnanimity.

    there was some thread a while back about some forum with a name like
    "sciforums" and either Tom or Greg was very open about links, if I am not mistaken.

    I would be disappointed if I were wrong---its just a dim memory.

    More to the point. A Pratt-Whitney or a Rolls jet engine is a human artifact of great beauty------one may pin the picture in a suitable place, as one does a picture of a classic motorcycle

    framing is optional, a frayed corner or a grease-stain does not detract.

    the Figure of Merit is, so I understand, power-to-weight
    or is it thrust-to-weight? Hmmm, might like to visit that site (if you provide a link)
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    I know a bunch of cool forums too with similar intellectual type stuff as this one, but don't know if I should post them directly, owners of most forums don't seem to like that.
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