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    I'm a bit confused regarding questions which are not allowed here on PF.

    There is this recent question that was closed - https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?p=4508302#post4508302

    It asked if the earth atmosphere's thickness differed, then how will it affect temperature, weather and life forms?
    I don't understand why is this closed. It requires knowledge of how atmosphere affects earth and more of earth sciences.

    Similar questions in which you change one aspect and question how would it affect the surroundings, are sometimes closed. Why is this? I don't think this is speculation.
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    The OP was asking people to speculate on how life on earth would be different, how humans would be different. This leaves our criteria of sticking to known science and just making guesses. That is not the point of our science forums.

    If the OP were to change it to exclude making guesses about things we can't know like how we would be different, and focus on actual earth sciences, then it could be acceptable.
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    But the guesses will not be mere guesses, right? It will be based on known science of course.
    Figuring out how humans would be different is somewhat tough and there will be no acceptable answer but are the forums rules so strict?
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    Over the years we have learned that those most qualified to speculate, do not. Speculations are loved by those with little or no knowledge so this type of thread really has little to offer.
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