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Forum slowing down ?

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    For the last couple of days at least (perhaps a week) I've noticed that my posts to the forum, which used to occur basically instantaneously, now take many seconds and I see a moving gray area in the upper right corner, overlaying the word "search". I have not noticed any change in my interactions with other sites, just this one. Anyone else experiencing any slowdowns?
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    I've been doing some database cleanup which is very intensive. Shouldn't be more than another day or two.
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    Ah HA ! A chipmunk in the wood pile.

    OK, thanks Greg.
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    Golden rule of PF: if something is wrong, it's likely my fault :biggrin:
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    Usually my assumption too but somehow I must have been feeling charitable today.
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    I'm thinking it's time for a beer Greg. I know how you work; ... way too hard. :approve:
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    Last round of cleanups. After today the forum should be speedy as usual.
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