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    I use the shortcut from My PF to get to a forum I commonly use by subscribing to that forum. It's a very handy feature that I feel sets this forum apart from many others on the net, so I'm glad it's here :smile:

    However, the only problem I have with it is that the unsubscribe button is just underneath the actual forum link, so sometimes I'll accidentally misclick the forum link and unsubscribe instead. It's just a little nuisance that I'd have to go back to the forum manually and re-subscribe, and from then on I'd be cautious of where I'm pressing just so I don't actually slip and land on those unsubscribe buttons again.

    So I suggest there be a confirmation message to this action.
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    I'll test it and see how we can make it more convenient. thanks!
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    And while you're at subscriptions, I would love to subscribe to "quoted", to have a notification if somebody quoted my post anywhere.
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    Thanks Greg :smile:
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    That would be a neat feature! Unfortunately we are at a end-of-life point in our software and any programming modifications will need to be converted for next upgrade and that is a huge PITA :)
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