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Forums user question

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    Hello..I am trying to learn these forums again. If someone responds to a simple question I can see the answer or try to find it ... see what it looks like and simply become a better user of the forum.

    Does anyone know when the project for radio or radar mapping of other planets around other stars is going to happen? If you can not answer that question..how much is 1+1?

    Thanks for any and all responses
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    Ok, here. This is exactly what you've seen in every other thread.
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    Hello..when I click on my user name I have the option of clicking on 'my statistics'. When the information shows up it says that I have "0" posts. How can that be? I would like to very readily find any material that I post. What is the best way? Does this site have a 'user control panel' that would provide me with my own post and thread information? ie. what posts or threads I have published?
    Thanks for any and all answers
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    Posts in the Lounge area of the PF do not contribute to the post count displayed in the forum by your username. However, if you click on your username and select Find More Posts, you will see the list of your posts. Also, if you click on Search at the top of the page, you can do a search on your username, which will also show you threads you have posted in.
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    Or if you are logged in, click on "Quick Links" / "Subscribed Threads" to see the threads you've posted on (assuming you have subscribed to the threads you've posted on, which is done by default).
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