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Forward force?

  1. Oct 31, 2004 #1
    I am given the information: A water-skier is pulled behind a motorboat with a rope 8m long. As she is approaching a ramp, she pulls herself 2m to the side of the path of the boat. It creates an angle of 14.5 degrees.

    I am asked:
    1.) how much of the tow rope force is in the forward direction?
    2.) how much of the tow rope force is sidewards?

    How do i find that info when i am not given any additional infor?
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    You can resolve that into vertical and horizontal components

    The one perpendicular to motion wouild be Tension in the rope * sin 14.5

    the one parallel ( question 1) Would be T cos 14.5

    I am not sure about that T actually is . The length of the rope doesnt help.

    I hope that give you a start

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    Doc Al

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