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Homework Help: Forward force?

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    I am given the information: A water-skier is pulled behind a motorboat with a rope 8m long. As she is approaching a ramp, she pulls herself 2m to the side of the path of the boat. It creates an angle of 14.5 degrees.

    I am asked:
    1.) how much of the tow rope force is in the forward direction?
    2.) how much of the tow rope force is sidewards?

    How do i find that info when i am not given any additional infor? :confused:
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    1) The tow rope force is parallell to the rope
    a)Find the components of that force in the forwards and sideways directions.
    b)Find the fractional amount of the total rope force each component force equals.
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    Since you are not given the actual tow rope force, you can only give your answer as a fraction of the (unknown) tow rope force. The tow rope force pulls in the direction of the rope (of course!). Since the rope is now at an angle, find the components of that force in the forward and sideways directions. Draw a picture and use a little trig.
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