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Fossil fuels- rescue me

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    Fossil fuels-- rescue me plz

    Equation of complete combustion of hydrocarbon-- hydrocarbon + oxygen -> carbon dioxide + water. Is energy included in the products?

    Simple fractional distillation of crude oil carried out in laboratory-- Why the crude oil is soaked by the glass wool? Can we add crude oil into the test tube without the glass wool?

    Why is the shape of the flame of crude oil a triangle pointed 'very upward'?

    A sentences in my chem notes-- Liquid fuels are easier to store and lighter than solid fuels. Why?

    How to distinguish between toxic and poisonous?

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    You seem to have no brainstorming. These are almost fairly easy to answer.

    How do you heat your home? Don't you burn something to obtain thermal energy?

    Crude oil may have some impurities, glass wool is an impermeable plug here. You somewhat "filter" the crude oil by doing this.

    I have not heard of a triangle, so I'm stuck here.

    Remember-liquids are easier to store, since they get the shape of the container.

    I must say that these are very easy to answer, please do some brainstorming before submitting your thread.
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