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Found baby snakes in some strange places

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    I remember when I was a kid I used to bury mango seeds in the garden. After some days when I was digging that seedling out so that I can gift it to some of my friends, or transfer it some other place. I would find a baby snake inside the ruptured mango seed - it happened about three or four times. I don't know where those baby snakes came from, and I don't think that a snake could lay its eggs inside the mango seed!

    In villages they first cover the roof with wooden planks, then lay the polyethylene sheet, and after that plaster it with mud mixed with dried chopped hay stalks or straws (as of wheat or rice). I have heard sometimes baby snakes fall from the roof. It may seem normal because there could be some snake eggs inside the mud and which later hatched inside the roof covering etc. But they say this process of falling baby snakes keep on going, especially during summer season. Where do those snakes come from?
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    Perhaps you should post questions like this on a nature based forum. You might try something like National Geographic?
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