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Found some old books today

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    One of my best friend's parents moved out of their house today. They gave 17 boxes full of random books. I've found some very old books so far. There's also one on Eugenics from 1920. I just stumbled across the oldest one: Advanced Arithmetic by Wentworth 1898. It's in remarkable condition for its age. I want to find out its possible value and the value of the other old books. Have any ideas? Thanks.
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    You'd have to find an antiquarian who specializes in used books.

    Maybe try - Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of American - http://www.abaa.org/

    American Antiquarian Society - http://www.americanantiquarian.org/

    The value depends on the notoriety, fame or infamy of the author, and the quantity still in existence - and of course, demand.
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    You could look on e-bay, I suppose. How many of these books are first editions? I think they're more valuable, usually.
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    At abebooks.com, the original in good condition is laid out for sale at 55 dollars, in fair condition, 4 dollars.

    Apparently, this book has recently been reprinted by Kessinger publishing.
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