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Foundations of string theory

  1. Sep 13, 2008 #1
    Hello everyone....

    I am a new member, i am an engineering student , but working in physics all the time :) , i have been working on theoretical quantum optics for a year now....but always been thinking about Many-World -Interpretation and so came the questions about parallel universe .....

    So its been a week that i have been goin thru String Theory , i have some basic questions to ask you....

    1. I understand all the four fundamental forces of nature , but why we need unification??
    2. How quantum mechanics and relativity oppose each other???
    3. what are the motives /questions which string theory is expected to answer...

    Also I want to study string theory and its mathematical formalism(no-interpretations )
    so if any one can tell me the best book(s)/e-book(s) available...as i l take that course of my own...

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