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Four papers by PF'er vanesch

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    not sure where to put this for maximum visibility
    belated congratulations to Patrick on the earlier publication
    of four papers-----having to do with improved detection of
    neutral particles and related methodology.

    they were just posted today on arxiv, but (unless I am mistaken)
    were published earlier in journals such as Nuclear Instrumentation and Methodology
    Design guide for electronics for resistive charge division in thermal neutron detection
    Off line Parallax Correction for Neutral Particle Gas Detectors
    An Optimal Lookup Table Construction for Charge Division with respect to Efficiency Flatness
    An Electrostatic Lens to Reduce Parallax in Banana Gas Detectors

    a banana gas detector is not something to detect banana gas, dummy.
    it is a gas detector that reminded someone, perhaps because of the cylindrical shape, of a banana.
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    Congrats, Vanesch! Well done!
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