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Fourier integral / transform ? What is it really?

  1. Oct 1, 2004 #1
    Find phi(k)

    I need help with this question as far as what am I looking for and how do I use a Fourier transform cause I think I need one.


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    Any suggestions guys?
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    Set t = 0, multiply both sides by
    [tex]e^{-i k' x}[/tex]
    and integrate over x. The integrand
    in the x integral will yield a delta function which lets you evaluate the k integral.
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    Dr Transport

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    try completing the square in the exponential...........
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    If i multiple both sides by exp(-ik'x) the LHS gives exp(-ik'x-(x/2a)^2). I' m not sure what to do with this to simplify it further. Do i have to try to complete the square in this exponential now?
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    Yes, that's what Dr T was suggesting.
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