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Fourier Maps from Fullprof Rietveld Refinement

  1. Jul 7, 2010 #1
    I have managed to achieve a very good fit to my powder xrd patter. I have used the spherical harmonic form of strain broadening, and quadratic form of size broadening for microstructural analysis. Fullprof has automatically output files that can be read by Gfourier in winplotr. My problem is I do not understand the scales on the fourier maps, the scales are x/a, y/b and z/c, all from 0-1. I would like to know the size of my crystalite in Angstroms; please see,

    http://webusers.fis.uniroma3.it/sns_fpr/edizione2006/lecture/lecture06/CARVAJAL/Microstructural_effects.pdf [Broken]

    How can I find my crystalite shape with size in angstroms?
    Any help will be most appreciated

    Thanks in advance

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