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Fourier series

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    does anyone know of any websites that can help to explain how to do these and some possible examples? i cant find anything on this in that stewart calculus book. any help would be appreciated.
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    Stewart's book doesn't go into Fourier Series; from what I've seen they usually aren't mentioned in math until courses on "real analysis", "partial differential equations" and the like.

    By "how to do these" I suppose you mean how to find the coefficients of the terms in the series analytically? It's not that hard for trigonometric systems-- for simple periodic functions it usually just involves a couple of by parts integrations.

    A quick search on google ("calculating fourier series") gives some decent webpages, such as

    http://newton.ex.ac.uk/teaching/resources/au/phy1116/LecturesFourierSeries.pdf [Broken]
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    do anybody know what is the use of forier transformation?
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