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Homework Help: Fourier series

  1. Sep 22, 2006 #1
    can anyone help me solve this question?

    find the fourier series for the function

    f(x)= -2-x for -2<x<0 and
    f(x)= 2-x for 0<x<2

    and f(x+4)=f(x)

    thank you very much
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    What is the problem you are having, this shouldn't be a hard function to find the fourier series for.
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    problem is my math sucks...i know it is not hard,i just learned it but im blur.and yea my math suck.thats the main point.
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    compute an, bn, a0 and put in the formula for finding the series. it should be easy.
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    I suspect this is homework so I'm moving it.

    toiletbowl86 (!) you must be able to do something show us what you have done if only putting the function into the formulas for the coefficients.

    murshid-islam, I guess that an and bn are the sine and cosine coefficients. Is cn the coefficients for the exponential series?
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    sorry, i meant: a0.
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