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Fourier series

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    I wondered if someone could help me to find the Fourier series for this function please. I believe it's an odd function.

    f(x) = 2x+e^x-e^-x (-1< x > 1)

    This is my first post, so I'm going to try this LayTex typing too! Here goes!

    [tex]f(x)=2x+e^x-e^-^x[/tex] (-1< x >1)

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    (-1< x <1) Doh!
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    You need to evaluate the integral of f(x)sin(pi)nx from -1 to 1. Look it up in an integral table.
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    Here we are so far (can't get LaTex to work today!)

    (e^x - e^-x)/2 = sinh(x)
    2x + e^x - e^-x = 2x + 2sinh(x)

    and for integration by parts
    INT u.dv = uv - INT v.du
    we have




    how am I going?
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    Try this: xsinax can be integrated by parts easily enough. For the other term, I would use sinax=(eiax-e-iax)/2i. Then all you have are the integrals of exponentials.
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