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Fourier Transform Confusion

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    Hi, I got a problem in which I have to find the Fourier Transform of a function f(t) defined:

    f(t) = { 1 - |t|, |t| < 1
    0, |t| > 1 }

    Well , I found the Fourier transform by working out the integral f(t)e^(-iwt) with the limits being -inf to +inf (and I got the right answer).

    Now, since f(t) is an even function, does that mean I can use the Fourier cosine transform?

    I tried to work it out and got a different answer, and basically I'm confused? :frown:

    Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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    yeah i have the same problem here!
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    Yes, the function is even, and so you can use the Fourier cosine transform. However, since you've not posted your solution, I can't see why you're getting a different answer.

    Your user-name is very similar to the OP's. Coincidence?
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    yes i did it

    i used: Fcosine = 2*int (1-t) cos (wt) dt from 0 to1
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    yep it is coincidence..i don't know the OP's username k
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