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Fourier transform in curvilinear coordinates

  1. Apr 16, 2015 #1
    Hello, can you suggest a good book reference to find this:

    I have a 3D coordinate system where the axis are:
    1) locally tangential to a spiral in the equatorial plane;
    2) perpendicular to 1 in the equatorial plane;
    3) colatitude.

    The direction of axes 1 and 2 changes with position.
    I need to do the Fourier transform of a quantity and it's convenient that the 3D scalar product in the exponential exp(i k x) has one axis parallel to axis 1.
    How the scalar product in exp(i k x) for the Fourier transform is expressed in the coordinates 1-2-3?
    How the volume element dk_x dk_y dk_z reads in the coordiantes 1-2-3?
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