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Fourier transform

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    hi ,

    the question is to find the fourier transform of the following eqn without using integration

    d(t)= [c(-1.5t)]exp(jwat)

    c(t)= Ao + E(Sumation)An*cos(nwot) + Bn sin(nwot) [fourier series formula]

    I knwo to find the FT of the above fourier series. But why is exp(jwat)
    the frequency shift and why shud we shift by wa.

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    Please don't cross/double post.

    I'm assuming that:
    since you're a phyicist.

    Then if you apply the euler equation:
    [tex]e^{j\theta}=\cos \theta + j \sin \theta[/tex]

    you should see how the exponent affects the frequency.
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    Sorry for the double post.

    1.Thanks but I take the FT of c(t) first and then I shift all the impulse functions by wa.
    can someone please explain why as i dont understand why this is done this way.

    2.Also I thought that the Integral of an impulse function is 1, but here its says that the integral of a impulse function is a unit step function.

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    I mean I read in my notes that the integral of a impulse function is a unit step function
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