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Fourier transform

  1. Nov 7, 2014 #1
    Any books on fourier transforms and other transformations? (Thanks, for any help)
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    OK i do not know about specifc books, but i can guide you for a brief manual about fourier transform which i used it to comrehened it in general and to practice for some problems

    it is written by james stewart the author of Calculas early transcendentals

    go here and choose fourier series :)
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    Thanks Asaad.
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    I could also suggest
    An Introduction to Fourier Methods and the Laplace Transform by Philip Franklin
    Fourier Analysis by T.W. Korner
    The Fast Fourier Transform by E.O. Brigham
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    Thanks OldEngr63!
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    What is your background, and what are you hoping to learn? Fourier transforms can be discussed at many different levels and in a variety of contexts.
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    My favorite on the subject is

    M. J. Lighthill, Introduction to Fourier analysis and generalized functions, Cambridge University Press (1959)
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