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Fourm bug

  1. Sep 2, 2006 #1
    I(accednditly) clicked on the last poster user name on the main page. It was in GD for the hello thread and the last poster was evo. But it brought up Chroots user page and not evo's!
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    That happens to me sometimes as well. I mean I click on the last poster of another thread not the 1 I wanted!:smile:
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    Its not a bug, such stats are generated instantly to save processor power.
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    How does that make it not a bug?
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    ack, I mean they are not generated instantly. The last poster name is not updated immediately, however the link is a function that goes to the last post. Many times they will not match.
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    I'm glad you clarified that, I was beginning to think that anyone trying to view my profile would get chroot. Actually, that's not bad, they'd think I was a lot smarter than I am. :wink:
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    (Actually, to be pedantic - knowing why it happens, and that there are no plans to fix it, does not make it any less a bug.) :wink:
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    who knows,who knows...
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