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Fourth Dimension?

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    So my question is (and this is aimed at cmdrsponge so please reply after he has thank you) What is the fourth dimension? Where is the Fourth dimension? Are the Fourth dimensional aliens gonna hunt me down and kill me for asking to many questions?
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    Actually, I posted that "what would you do if..." question. But I'll let cmdr_sponge answer first.
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    now i dont pretend to be an expert, but the way i see it is this.

    i our everyday lives we experience 3 dimensions,

    1) the first dimension ------ (eg. a straight line, length only)
    2) the second dimension -------
    | |(eg. a square, length and width)
    | |
    | |
    3) and the third dimension (eg. a cube, length width and bredth[which i cant be bothered to draw, but if u dont kno wat a cube loks like wat r u doin here?])

    If u look at these shapes u can see that if u were a sqaure (2nd dimension) u couldn't possibly exist on the line (the first dimension) as there would be no where to put ure sides. the same goes for a cube on a square.

    So only 1 dimensional sahpes can exist on 2d shapes. however 1d and 2d shapes can fit onto a 3d shape. this is where it starts getting complicated.

    it follows that as we are 3d shapes we must be in at least 3d space.

    this is where my understanding fails. there is a reason why 3d shapes cannot exist in 3d space and i think it has something to do with what it/you would observe, but im not sure.

    but the result of the reason that i cant remember is that we at LEAST in 4 dimensional space.

    so i answer to ure question u dont have to worry about the 4th demensional aliens comin to get you cus u wouldn't be able to see them, and they wouldn't be able to interact with you.

    now heres some questions for ppl who no something about it:

    1)is the forth dimension time?
    2)if it is why isnt time measured in meters or distance measured in seconds?
    3)are there higher dimensions than the 4th?
    4)if there are, why are they there?
    5)what is the reason that i cant remember (to do with observation)?
    6)am i talkin bull****?

    least least
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    there was meant to be a picture of a square but it looks weird now and doesnt give my answer ne credablilty (not that it had ne)
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    That depends. The numbering of the dimensions is just something done so that they can be conveniently referred to. Since string theory postulates the existence of 10 spacial dimensions, time would be the 11th dimension - if string theory is proven.

    Because they (temporal and spacial dimensions) are of a qualitatively different order. They are alike in many ways, but they differ in that the on line of time intersects with every point of space (don't ask me how).

    Possibly. Personally, I really like string theory, so I think there are dimensions higher than the fourth.

    "Why" questions are not answered in Science. They are there for the same "reason" that the three we are used to are there. Just because (or whatever other Philosophical reason you wish to come up with).

    I don't understand this question?

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    thank you mentat, u have furthered my understanding and deepened my resolve to kno more. plus i have also learned not to try and explain things that i dont understand, leave it to the pros.
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    I learned that a long time ago, thats why i only post in the General and political forums, and very occasionally in the Religion Forum, but only when drunk!
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    Not really a pro, just an interested student, but thanks.
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    was bein a bit sarcastic in my earlier reply (there really needs to be some sort of simly for that) but, still cheers for the reply it did help.
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