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News Fox News to replay O'Reilly interview with Micheal Moore (it's awesome)

  1. Jul 28, 2004 #1
    Video of Bill O'reilly and Micheal Moore debating!

    BAM, just click the video option, follow the directions and voila, the best debate ever. No one concedes anything, nothing is changed and it rules.
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    4AM eastern time and you're up watching Bill O'Reilly go at with Michael Moore? You're sick.
  4. Jul 28, 2004 #3
    It's sad, but I've been an insomniac since I was 10, and very little is on TV at 4AM besides political punditry.
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    Yea i watched it as well... Call me crazy but what moore said wasnt all that incorrect. He pointed out the blind rage of the administration, went back to the evidence(or lack of) gathered by the UN about WMD, he pointed out the reasons for attacking Iraq are diferent than the reasons now. And he basically was isolationist in his stance on war. Maybe some of you dont agree with it, but what he said on that specific show wasnt ALL THAT SPURIOUS.

    I havent seen his movie yet but plan on seeing it. Dont worry though, ive heard bias information before.
  6. Jul 28, 2004 #5
    I don't think you're crazy, but it's obvious you hate America. :rofl:
  7. Jul 28, 2004 #6
    Two self absorbed jerks going at it. Classic! :biggrin:

    Although I don't like either of them, I'm with O'Reilly on this one.
  8. Jul 28, 2004 #7
    No, I dont hate America, infact I have a Factor Hat. So yea I guess anyone these days can be labeled unpatriotic. Sorry I wont vote for Bush in the coming election, because I hate America and all.
  9. Jul 28, 2004 #8
    I was joking hombre :wink:
  10. Jul 28, 2004 #9
    Was anybody else disturbed by all the flashy, practically-epileptic-seizure-inducing part at the beginning?
  11. Jul 28, 2004 #10
    Haha, well, it is a Fox owned network....

    They once had a theme beat for fox news that closely resembled thug rapper '50 cents' song 'In da Club.'
  12. Jul 28, 2004 #11
    Is the beat from "In da Club" actually distinguishable, on it's own, from other rap beats?
  13. Aug 3, 2004 #12
    Rap is an Art!
  14. Aug 4, 2004 #13
    That may be so, but can you really tell which beat is from which song if I were just to play the beats alone?

    Don't patronize me man, Enter the Wu-Tang and Doggystyle are in the mail on the way to my house right now. Nothing more gangsta than at-home delivery.
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    You guys catch Moore giving Reagan no credit for the downfall of the Soviet Union? What's with this guy?
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    I haven't really seen anything solid that indicates that Reagan had much to do with the downfall of the Soviet Union. He was certainly in office at the right time, but really Gorbachev has much much more to do with it that Reagan does.

    People make claims about economic policy this, SDI that, but, as, for example 9/11, the SKVAL, or the Tomahack cruise missile demonstrate, even if SDI managed to work as advertised (which is a *big* if) SDI would pobably not be able to stop nuclear attacks, and consequently would not be an effective strategic measure. (Not to mention that MAD is really not a bad status quo.)

    Similarly, as long as the USSR had a three-pronged Nuclear capability which AFAIK Russia still does it didn't really need to do a whole lot of weapons development to keep up with the US, since, it really doesn't matter much whether you're capable of blowing up the world 40 or 60 times over.

    Reagan certainly gets some credit for not standing in the way, but it's pretty clear that the policy changes that took place to make the cold war end were primarily ones that took place in the east. It's hard to see how Reagan had more to do with the end of the cold war than Kenedy, Eisenhower, Carter, or Truman.
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    There ought to be by now some pretty accurate data on the USSR GNP and the proportion of it spent on military development. The Reagan/SDI theory says they spent themselves into the graveyard trying to counter it. The time series from the 1980's to the collapse would show the facts.
  19. Aug 4, 2004 #18


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    Accurate figures are hard to come by. The numbers released by the military don't even match the numbers Gorbachev gave in speeches.

    Some info at:

    In addition, it's important to include the GNP/Military spending numbers from before Reagan in that. Since, if they're just part of a contiuous trend rather than a spike, it's not Reagan, but 50 years of policy that did USSR in, and Reagan was in office at the right time. Indications are that USSR leadership was well aware that excess military spending was causing economic problems in the early 70's.

    Some people think that Carter and Reagan's policies extended rather than ended the cold war:
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