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Fox sheep cabbage - mind emotions body

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    This is a writing about wholeness, meaning keeping awareness of our 3 centers: Physical, Emotional and Mental. This is in three parts: First, an ancient parable or brain-teaser, second, interwoven aspects meant to stimulate growth of awareness and understanding and third, commentary.

    [glow=green,2,300]Ancient Parable[/glow]

    A person went with his canoe across a river to the market, and bought 1) a fox, 2) a sheep, and 3) some cabbage. On the way home he realized that he must cross the river and could only carry one item in the boat at a time. No, this could not be 3 simple trips. He had to solve how to take certain items and leave certain ones at the lakeside very efficiently because:

    The fox left alone with the sheep would eat the sheep - they can't be left anywhere together without his being there. The sheep and the cabbage can't be left together or the sheep will eat the cabbage.

    How did he get everything across? In how many trips? What did he take each time?

    [glow=green,2,300]Interwoven Correlation[/glow]

    To be aware human beings, we need to constantly be vigilant to maintain our three basic selves: Mind, Emotions, and Body.

    We can not only be mental - ignoring feelings and body messages, or only emotional, or only satisfying physical needs.

    All three of these aspects of our selves should be carefully nurtured and understood as much as possible at all times.

    A fully aware reasoning will always take all three perspectives into consideration.

    Awareness of all three of these centers makes for a whole being, a true actualized "I."


    It is an interesting note about how the only way to solve the above riddle is in a sense:

    Taking the emotions back to innocence.

    Mind and body issues are logical enough to solve, but the emotions take "an extra trip across" to keep them fresh and vibrantly alive, while keeping mind and body healthy.

    [shadow=red,left,300]The emotions eminate, radiate and or resonate from or to a higher center or aspect of the self. Perhaps the 4th body or center, perhaps the 5th.[/shadow]

    Like experiments to see if a monkey in a room with a banana hanging from the ceiling is smart enough to stack boxes to reach it, I think this writing can give us a leverage of awareness that helps us keep the three centers in mind when making decisions.

    May our typing in these little boxes on our computer screens, sharing words and ideas - with the intention to help each other, entertain each other, and enlighten each other be appropriate and useful for manifesting the realities we believe in.

    Love and light being, Teo ;)
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    I think this post should be moved to Gen Disc or Phil.

    The Brain Teaser part of this post is small and old. This teaser has been posted here before...so, it's redundant.

    The discussion about "the 4th body or center" and the "true, actualized 'I' " are not germane to this sub-forum.
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    Just because im bored:

    Sheep over
    Fox Over, bring sheep back
    Cabbage over
    sheep over
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