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FPGA help

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    Hello everybody....

    I have spartan 3-1000 FPGA and I want to show some graphs to CRT monitor using VGA. I Know how to show the graphs from the SRAM and give them into the VGA. the question is How to load these data into the SRAM?? --can anyone help me
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    Design in a serial port and program it externally, or use JTAG, or use an SRAM that reads its contents at start-up from a flash ROM... there are many ways.

    - Warren
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    Hi chroot..

    My knowledge in this field is limited. I read about using JTAG but JTAG can be use to program the FPGA by loading .bin file (binary file) on it. so How can I use JTAG to load these data without effecting the FPGA.

    Thinks chroot for your respons
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    How are you coding your FPGA? Are you using Verilog?
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    No VHDL
  7. Aug 22, 2008 #6
    I'm trying to load images from an SRAM card on the Xilinx ML401 board to a VGA monitor. Any chance you could give me a hand ?
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