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Fractal space time

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    In the first part of this contribution, we review the development of the theory of
    scale relativity and its geometric framework constructed in terms of a fractal and
    nondifferentiable continuous space-time. This theory leads (i) to a generalization
    of possible physically relevant fractal laws, written as partial differential equation
    acting in the space of scales, and (ii) to a new geometric foundation of quantum
    mechanics and gauge field theories and their possible generalisations.
    In the second part, we discuss some examples of application of the theory to
    various sciences, in particular in cases when the theoretical predictions have been
    validated by new or updated observational and experimental data. This includes
    predictions in physics and cosmology (value of the QCD coupling and of the cosmological
    constant), to astrophysics and gravitational structure formation (distances of
    extrasolar planets to their stars, of Kuiper belt objects, value of solar and solar-like
    star cycles), to sciences of life (log-periodic law for species punctuated evolution,
    human development and society evolution), to Earth sciences (log-periodic deceleration
    of the rate of California earthquakes and of Sichuan earthquake replicas, critical
    law for the arctic sea ice extent) and tentative applications to system biology.

    An accidental find i thought may be of interest.
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    Not new stuff, Nottale already had some publications on this.

    Though I haven't looked at his research as of late.
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