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Homework Help: Fractals HELP HELP HELP NEEDED

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    I have a portfolio due tomorrow and I don't understand the wording of the q

    applying the relationship between successive terms of Nn, Ln, Pn, an, and An, use a spreadsheet or similar software to find the values of each parameter up to the value n where An+1 = An to within one millionth of a square unit. (what is the value of this limiting n?)
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    This is why you need software because you do not know what that value is yet. I am a little confused as to what the question is asking as well but do the terms Nn etc. have forumlae assosiated with them?

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    Sincd you have told us nothing about the "relationship", I don't see how you can expec anyone to give you advice. Apparently you are given some equation relating these various things. All I can say is enter the formula into whatever software you are using and repeatedly calculate An until a the first five decimal places (1 milliionth) start repeating
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    sorry for the lack of info but yes I do have equations. I'm conncted from a phone so it would be pretty hard to write out MY equation for An...here's the equation in words: square root of 3 over 4 + square root of 3 over 12 * ((9/5 -9/5(4/9)^n)... what software do you advise me to use?
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    oh I got it thanks hallsofivy...your explanation was the most accurate!
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