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Fraction help

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    If i have something like (6/x+2) + (8/x+3) how to i do that?

    aren't i supposed to invert and multiply or something, thanks

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    [tex]\frac{6(x+3)}{(x+2)(x+3)} + \frac{8(x+2)}{(x+2)(x+3)}[/tex]

    You just need to find a common denominator.
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    That's for division by a fraction, in which case you multiply by the reciprocal.
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    Since the two denominators are x+2 and x+3 the common denominator will be (x+2)(x+3).

    It's just like 1/2+ 1/3= (1/2)(3/3)+ (1/3)(2/2)= 3/6+ 2/6= 5/6.
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