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Fractional calculus in Physics?

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    Has any menaing the use of fractional calculus in..physics?.i have used it several time to quantizy non-polynomial hamiltonians in quantum mechanics...(such us H=p**e e not an integer).but does the fractional calculus have a meaning or utility in physics?..to cancel infinities to calculate perturbation corrections or all that...
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    Do you mean 'variational calculus?' I'm afraid I've never heard the term 'fractional calculus.'

    Also, I've never once seen a polynomial Hamiltonian. ;)

    - Warren
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    Sorry..perhaps it was my bad english..when i meant "polynomial" i mean hamiltonians of the form....

    H**2=Px**2+Py**2+.. or H=Px**2+Py**2..that is the variables E and P,s appear in that way (the powers are always integer).

    By fractional calculus it is mean that instead of using the operator (d/dx)**n being n and integer n can be real or even complex you can take a look about it in www.mathworld.com
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