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Fractional derivative

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    what is

    d^0.5/(dx)^0.5 {exp(-x)* (x^-1)

    tks for any help.
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    AFAIK there is no such thing. Do you have a text that defines what this is, or are you just asking?

    The only derivatives I have ever heard of in working with calculus for many years are the zero-th derivative (the function itself), the first derivative, the second derivative, and so on. No negative order or fractional order derivatives.
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    What definition of fractional derivative are you using?

    (If you just came up with the idea yourself, go use google to research "fractional derivative")
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    A few references :

    From a paper entitled : "La dérivation fractionnaire" (a review for general public, French-style)
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    If I remember correctly, I think Feynman was playing with this stuff (without knowing that it was already discovered) when he was still in high school. Just a small bit of trivia and absolutely not related to the purpose of the topic.
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    Actually this field is a new one.Again not so new, riemann, liouville worked with it. U can google search or get a book on it. It exists really.
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    ^You're a couple posts too late.
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