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Fractional Differential Equations

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    Hello all!
    I was wondering if anyone knew of any good internet leads(besides mathworld, which does not have that much) on the topic of Fractional Differential Equations. I am wanting to investigate Tsallis's Non-Extensive entropy and from what I have come to understand he came to his generalized statistics through fractional DEs. Actually I would prefer something would correlate the two.

    If you have any ideas please pass them along! Thanks in advance!
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    Thanks benorin!

    falcalmo.org seems like it might provide some good links. I have had some trouble with the arxivs lately, seems either the server is not responding and/or it seems that Tsallis's papers have been reduced. That or I am not doing something right! Plus most of the papers I found under the search criterea for Fractional DEs seems to be more specified to particualr problems and not the generalized approach I have been seeking, specifically how it relates to Tsallis's generalized statistics. Oh well, keep trying!

    Once again, thanks!
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