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Fragmentation of Carbon Ion

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    I'm analyzing data taken from 500 MeV/nucleon Iron beam and 290 MeV/nucleon Carbon beam. When looking at the fragmentation that has occured, the fragmentation for the Carbon beam seems almost always be alpha particles (I though I would see some Beryllium as well). Does this mean that the Carbon nucleus is essentially just three alpha particles?
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    Assuming you are only looking at projectile fragmentation, have you compared your data with that of Zeitlin et al., who also looked at 290 MeV/n Carbon on 6 different targets?

    If you look at the paper, while their analysis was fairly difficult, they were able to compute the different fragmentation cross sections (summed over isotope for a given charge). You will see in that paper that the 3 He breakup cross section is not the largest, though it is large. For instance, the Z=3 cross section was larger. The Z=3 channel happens to include the 2 He production data also, however. This is due to the type of detector they were using. The Z=3 data and the 2 He data completely overlap and are very difficult to untangle.

    Again, I am not sure what your experimental setup was so don't know if you are talking exclusive or inclusive reactions here. The Zeitlin et al. paper is for inclusive total cross sections.

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