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Frame Dragging Detected per GR

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    From MSNBC: GR confirmed again as gravity measurements reflect the predicted space-time dragging effect caused by spinning objects.

    A research team analyzed millions of laser signals bounced off two satellites, called LAGEOS and LAGEOS 2. Both are highly reflective spheres not designed to do any work of their own. They look like 2-foot-diameter (60-centimeter) golf balls and contain no batteries or electronics.

    The researchers say their result is 99 percent of the predicted drag, with an error of up to 10 percent. The details are reported in Thursday's issue of the journal Nature.

    The analysis is "the first reasonably accurate measurement of frame-dragging," said physicist Neil Ashby of the University of Colorado in Boulder.

    "Precise measurement of these effects predicted by relativistic gravity theories is crucial, as they have important implications for our view of the cosmos," Ashby writes in an analysis of the study for the journal.
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